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Gigantic net suspended in the air becomes a crowd-controlled sculpture powered by Google Chrome


[DIGITALLY-INSPIRED] Spanning 745 feet between buildings of downtown Vancouver, this monumental interactive sculpture was built for TED's 30th anniversary. At night, the net made of a fiber 15 times stronger than steel comes to live as projectors illuminate the structure. Visitors are then able to interact with the sculpture to transform it into a massive crowd-controlled artwork.

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Black Hat SEO : ruthless pirates vs Google robots

By Louis-Jean Teitelbaum

Securing the top spot in a Google search is a huge traffic boost. A whole industry, called Search Engine Optimization or SEO, has sprouted to help website owners reach this goal. Every kind of SEO is about getting more links to your content, and making your code and content more palatable to search engines. But some SEO guys are willing to infringe Google’s terms of service to buy or build their own network of “backlinks”, artificially propelling websites up the search results. These people have been labelled the “black-hat” SEOs. I had a drink with one of them, and, with a certain amount of bluster, he gave me a crash course on his art.