Press review

Press review


“An attractive result” – Le Monde

“The magazine, first published a year ago, succeeded in finding its marks, and managed to balance leading articles, surprising photo shoots, and unconventional subjects” – Libération

“Vanity Fair, now on icy paper and for gamers” - Technikart

“A considerable bet [...] Video game and Digital Culture seen as a trendy journal” -  A Nous Paris

“An upscale magazine for adult players. [...] AMUSEMENT revolutionizes the video game press” - Challenge(s)

“Original and unseen” - Micro Hebdo

“Speaking differently of video game” - Le Figaro

“The first lifestyle magazine dedicated to digital life” - Le Nouvel Obs

“A true magazine-object” - L’expansion

“Not for small players” - Stratégie

“Vogue, dipped into a soup of nerd” -  20 Minutes

“An upscale and erudite quarterly [...] An ambitious quarterly” - Les Inrocks

“The future of the press?” - The Daily Telegraph