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AMUSEMENT is the only existing high-end, sophisticated magazine about video games. Its readership resembles the magazine: active, cultured, influential.

The readers of AMUSEMENT fit into three categories:

. Professionals/ The first group is attracted to the quality and the consistency of the main articles. They are not only an active part of the gaming community but also those who define future trends.

. Passionate core-gamers/ This second group is composed of people who are passionate about video games; they use AMUSEMENT as a quarterly reference where they can read video game critiques and original articles about video gaming culture. This group exerts a strong influence on their gaming peers, especially when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

. Interested/ Although this last group is not particularly passionate about video games (yet), they understand the role that video games play in contemporary culture. AMUSEMENT provides the curious group with a starting point for reading about video games – much like the magazine they read to learn about film, style or music. These three categories of readers have several traits in common: they are aware of the role of video games in contemporary culture and have an active role in promoting them to their peers. They understand that the video game is their generation’s most significant form of entertainment and endorse their favorite brands.

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